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Welcome To Digital Nomads Land. 

Do you want to become a Digital Nomad?

It is easy to understand why. Change is in the air, and although there are inevitable growing pains, change can open doors to new ways of thinking.

I have been through many evolutions in my fifty or so years on this earth. A desire for money and material things has driven me into some projects. A particular passion or creative urge has driven others. Some of the jobs I have had I honestly couldn’t explain to you. Maybe I was bored, unfulfilled or just lost. Regardless, the constant that I have always sought is freedom.

Becoming a Digital Nomad has been the most challenging and rewarding of my adventures. It is my aim to provide useful information, as well as fresh perspectives on life, work and creativity.

My favourite restaurant in Indonesia, Bali Asli. The volcano was smoking for a few days after a series of earthquakes. I was attending a blessing ceremony for the restaurant.

Digital Nomads post-2020

Freedom is a relative word when we consider the world; post-April 2020. However, our collective situation only furthers my desire to be free. If you are on this page, then I am sure that you must feel the same on some level. Maybe the desire for freedom is what brought you here?

I continue to seek freedom as a Digital Nomad and want to share my experiences.  I have no desire to be on mainstream social media anymore and so I built this website.

Do you want to find out more about Nomadic Life?

This lovely space in Chiang Mai became a favourite for writing.

It is my hope that you will find inspiration for your own journey among the articles, essays and opinions I share here. If you have experiences or stories of your own to share then, please feel free to contact me here.

You can find out about my adventures old and new, on my blog page. If you want to find out a bit more about who I am, then I have shared a bio here.

Enjoy the site…

Sean Holland-Digital Nomads Land


If you find yourself in Bali at any point, go and eat at the Bali Asli – Owner Penny has created a beautiful experience among the hills of Northern Bali.