Who Am I?

Finding purpose

Who am I? I am a creative person who loves to write theatre and poetry, which I do under the nom-de-plume, Alexander Rhodes. It brings me joy to create. Writing three books during the 2020 lockdown certainly helped pass the time. I have written directed and toured an award-winning play. I have a novel and screenplay in development.

Music and audio production figure highly for me during my leisure time. There is nothing I love more than a day in the studio, making noises for fun. The guitar is my favourite instrument to play, and I am a real studio nerd, although it is debatable as to whether the noises I make are pleasant. You can hear some of the noises I have made here. 

Whether it is music, poetry, theatre, or business concepts; I am all about creativity, innovation and narrative.

I was forty-seven when I discovered that I loved writing.  This late realisation led to me quitting my executive position, and I began seeking a more authentic way of living. In doing so, I discovered the Digital Nomad phenomenon. It has been two years since I started my adventure and Digital Nomads Land is a milestone in that journey.

What do I do?

I am the CEO and Project Manager for JoinedUpThink. In this role, I try to remain creative, and therefore close to my natural state. I create content and ghostwrite for other people, project-manage, and produce.

As a consultant, I  share start-up advice and guide those who are looking for their path in life. Bit’s of paper may not define us, but they do help inspire confidence so, for the record, I do have a diploma qualification in assisting others in thinking their problems out.


Here are some nice words people have said:

“You have something magic going on. You see the future and find opportunities that get missed”.

Sebastion Woods – CEO Fraud Defence First

“Your honesty and straightforwardness are always appreciated, and in fact, intentionally sought out.”

Lance Goodman – University Of Plymouth

I first met Sean when we were performing in the same space at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His manner and tone are friendly and calming. I have found him to be a natural teacher. He has helped me find clarity in decisions around the structure of my business, as well as providing insightful, clear and relevant information relating to online presence. In particular, I took up an offer for an hours zoom consultation, which I found both beneficial and entertaining.

Nat W. Comedian & Freelance Scriptwriter

“Thank you for all your amazing help and insights – you speak the digital language so well, and seem to have endless tips and tricks which you give so generously. You have made such a difference to my strategies, and outlook when it comes to my online stuff”.

Mike T.  Freelance Screenplay writer/Actor


So, can I ask-Who are you?

Tirta Gangga in Northern Bali is buzzing with energy.

The purpose of this website is to connect. I would love to hear from you, whether you are already a nomad, or are looking to find a way into the lifestyle. I am especially keen to hear from you if you have articles or information to share.

Follow the blog to keep up to date. At some point, there may be a book. Mostly I will be sharing informative, thought-provoking, fun and inspiring content. There will be the occasional rant.

You can go straight to the blog here.

Finally, this website is a superb resource for you.

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